Santosha, means contentment in Sanskrit.  This blog is about what I love, the little things that inspire me.  It revolves mainly around the intersection of food with culture, creativity, lifestyle and personal journeys.  I hope you will get lost in the words and photos and that something  inspires you on your own journey to cook, see, or do something for the pure joy of it.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Rome, but seem to keep circling back to New York.  The energy of the city changes, but the soft constant rumble of it always makes me feel alive.  I devour cities, like I devour food and they have each left their mark.  From Los Angeles, which inspired my great love for the ocean, sunshine, and wandering in nature… to Paris, where I would walk the city for hours getting lost and learning to really see.  And last but not least Rome, my mother’s hometown, which taught me about true friendship, the incredible beauty of decay and the virtues of idleness.  In each of these cities there is great food and art and culture of all types, for me they go hand in hand and infuse every day with the desire of discovery.

Santosha, I like to think of it as a lifestyle…

CoconutIMG_2761 copyMYSORE, INDIA 2013

If you would like to reach me about anything food, writing or photography related, please email me at mirellacheeseman{@}gmail{dot}com or check out my PORTFOLIO here.








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