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Last weekend with all the hype in the streets of the Hamptons for the Fourth of July weekend, I stopped by and visited my friend Brendan Davison at Good Water Farms, an oasis from the chaos in East Hampton. I’m so glad I did because seeing his farm and talking with him reminded me of why I love the East End of Long Island so much. Behind the scene, it’s filled with makers and artists – people forging their own paths, creating businesses and as the saying goes, being the change they want to see in the world.

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Inspired by the philosophy of biodynamic living and farming, Brendan grows organic microgreens that are constantly evolving like red mustard, green fennel and arugala. He sells locally to chefs, farmstands and stores, but people like Whole Foods have caught on to the pure, nutrient rich greens he is growing and are carrying his products as well. Good Water Farms is moving to a bigger location nearby soon, but I wanted to capture where it all began.

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Brendan seems pretty laid back, always wearing a cool rotating collection of Vans and carrying around a Josh Hall surfboard in the back of his truck in case there is any swell, but he is super dedicated to the quality of his products, experimenting and trying out new things and most importantly always thinking about growing responsibly. Earth matters…

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Hanging out with Brendan got me thinking more about biodynamic farming.  In the process you not only sustain the soil and the environment you strengthen and enliven it – the environment extending not just to the soil but the community. Once people lived in synch with nature, and in a larger sense the spiritual world. How do we get back to that intuitive connection and way of living? I think these days the first step is to slow down and be conscious of the choices that we make, while taking responsibility and trying to leave things better than we found them.

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